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Who Is The Grumpy Man?

“The Grumpy Man? Where did you get that name?” The number one question that is asked at every event. If I could have looked into a crystal ball and seen the future, I probably would have came up with a better answer. It was a year after finishing college and the job I started right out of the gate (which I loved), hadn’t panned out. I spent another few months trying to sell life insurance and you don’t see me writing about insurance, so you can guess how that went. Sitting at my grandmothers after lunch one day my dad asked what I thought about taking his and my mothers salsa recipe, making some jars and selling them. With nothing...

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Rice and Beans Made Delicious

It is still early in the new year and everyone has the same resolutions: save money, lose weight and be healthy.  Well I am here to help.   Using the best salsa ever (Grumpy Man salsa), I am putting out recipes that are so simple anyone can do them.   In addition to budget friendly, the ingredients are nice and healthy. This recipe is far from ground breaking, but so often we miss out on delicious meals because we don't have the time to make a complex 3 course meal.  This solution gets you a healthy and delicious meal that you can modify and tweak throughout the week without breaking the bank. This recipe only has 3 ingredients Rice Black...

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2019 Review

2019 a year in review and a small look into the next year, as we enter a new decade with The Grumpy Man, making the best salsa and pepper jelly ever.  Although we don't actually talk about salsa or pepper jelly at all in this article.

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Jazzy Cream Cheese

Cream cheese and pepper jelly, a match made in heaven.  So many of my customers who come through rave about this combination and I can’t blame them, I grew up eating this dip every year at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now though we are introducing the next level in cream cheese, pepper jelly perfection.     Ingredients 8oz cream cheese 4oz mayo  1/2 cup sharp cheddar cheese 1/4 cup crushed pecans 1/2 cup of any Grumpy Man Pepper Jelly  Let the cream cheese come to room temp to make it easier to combine ingredients.  Combine cream cheese, mayo, sharp cheddar cheese and crushed pecans in a bowl, once blended pour pepper jelly over the top and become the hero of the...

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