Cheese Dip from Scratch with Grumpy Man Salsa

Cheese Dip from Scratch with Grumpy Man Salsa

This recipe is super simple, like most things I do.

I grew up eating Velveeta "Not Cheese" Cheese and Rotel in a can and I thought it was delicious.  Fast forward 20+ years and I still crave cheesy goodness on my chips, I just want it to be better.  Not just better tasting, but better ingredients, better quality, just better.

So considering my love of cheese, don't be surprised if over the next several years I give you more than one recipe for cheese dip, because I have played with making a lot of them and they all have their own unique delicious taste.  

This recipe only calls for 5 ingredients and you probably already have most of them.

1 Cup Half & Half

2 Cups Freshly Shredded Cheddar Cheese

3/4 Cup Grumpy Man Salsa

1.5 Tbsp Butter

1.5 Tbsp All Purpose Flour

Ingredients for Cheese Dip

  Heat up your half and half in a pot.

  Stir in butter and flour.

  Add cheese.

  Add Grumpy Man salsa.

Stir until it is all nice and blended together; consume!

Chips, Cheese and Salsa

Also, check out the video of the process of making this delicious dip at our channel on youtube.

Stuffing my face, it's so delicious


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