Our Mission

The Grumpy Man, LLC, adheres to the best manufacturing practices and strives to maintain superior quality control of our products. We desire every customer to have an enjoyable experience eating our salsas and pepper jellies, and for every retailer to recommend and sell them with confidence.  With this in mind, we work hard to ensure every jar bearing The Grumpy Man label exceeds all expectations.

The Grumpy Man, LLC, does not warehouse large volumes of our foods. It is usually only a few days between the time our products leave our kettle and land on the store shelves. This guarantees a fresher, more flavorful experience the big national companies are unable to match.

As a small family owned business, we are closely involved in every step of the production process. By purchasing ingredients, cooking, filling, and maintaining quality control ourselves, we make sure we have our hands on the wheel the entire time!

Join us in our mission to spread Grumpiness across America, fighting until there’s a Grumpy Man in every home!


Darrell Sanford