Rice and Beans Made Delicious

Rice and Beans Made Delicious

It is still early in the new year and everyone has the same resolutions: save money, lose weight and be healthy.  Well I am here to help.  

Using the best salsa ever (Grumpy Man salsa), I am putting out recipes that are so simple anyone can do them.  

In addition to budget friendly, the ingredients are nice and healthy.

This recipe is far from ground breaking, but so often we miss out on delicious meals because we don't have the time to make a complex 3 course meal.  This solution gets you a healthy and delicious meal that you can modify and tweak throughout the week without breaking the bank.

This recipe only has 3 ingredients


Black Beans

Grumpy Man Salsa

Cook your rice following the instructions on the package.

Delicious White Rice

Grab a can of black beans or if you prefer some other type of bean.  If you want to be fancy, you could also buy a bag of beans, soak them, boil them, etc, I however rarely take the time to do that.

Put a serving of rice and beans in a bowl, top with your choice of Grumpy Man salsa, sprinkle a little salt and voila.  You now have a meal that is simple and time efficient.  If you want, you could also grill up some beef or chicken, particularly if you are of a more carnivorous nature, such as myself.

The simplest things are often the best.  If you want to see how my cooking of this meal went, check out the video below and stay grumpy!


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