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Sweet Jalapickles

Sweet Jalapickles

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Have you tried that other pickle?  Don't bother, this one is better.  Crafted by hand and over time, this is simplicity in its greatest form, a delicacy to tickle taste buds and then give them a pinch.  In other words, sweet n spicy.  Before you had to choose sweet n hot (Candied Jalapenos) or sweet n tangy (Sweet Pickles), now there are these. 

Your friends will believe you to be the culinary genius that you think you are, when you pull these out and use them on your signature burger with farm fresh beef and artisan crafted cheese, and the buns you baked yourself....  Sorry, I lost myself for a minute, I'm going to go and make a burger and these Sweet Jalapickles are going to be a part of it.

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