The Legend of The Grumpy Man

The Legend of The Grumpy Man

The legend of The Grumpy Man begins in the 1700’s when the Spanish landed on the shores of what is now St. Augustine, FL. The Spanish came in search of magnificent riches, but they inadvertently brought a treasure themselves in the form of a tiny pepper called a datil.

Conquistadors discovering

As these brave Conquistadors explored this new land, they came upon the Mississippi river basin where a significant happenstance would occur: a single pepper fell unnoticed from the pocket of a brave soldier, and it would one day be the source of a deliciously grumpy type of food.

Spaniards pepper

Four hundred years later:

An old man known by many as The Grumpy Man was farming behind his cabin in Mississippi when he came upon a strange seed on the ground. He decided to take it and plant it in the corner of his garden, wondering what sort of treasure it would grow.

The next morning, he awoke to see that a bush had appeared where he had just planted the seed! The bush was adorned with little green and gold peppers, both enticing and mysterious. The Grumpy Man plucked a single pepper from the magic bush and popped it into his mouth and was instantly filled with delight!

Knowing in his heart that it would be wrong to keep such a great secret to himself, he began making delicious salsas and pepper jellies to share with his friends and family.

These legendary beginnings are how my family came to make Grumpy Man salsa. We still make it today just like the original Grumpy Man did.  We make the best salsa with the best ingredients grown right in our own backyard (and yours!).

If you have enjoyed the tale of the origin of our little company, check out our Catalog to buy some salsa or pepper jelly for yourself or a friend!  It’s guaranteed to be the most distinctive and delicious salsa you have ever tasted!

And remember: stay Grumpy my friends.


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